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Welcome to our website, welcome to Millertime Stables.
With our website we want to give you an impression of who we are, what it is we do and what we have for sale. Our passion for horses translates itself into what may be called a real business, whose main occupation is to look for and find nice, pretty and of course promising showhorses. Next to that we also train horses, give riding lessons etc. We can help you out with whatever comes along!
Honest, open and transparent communication in a good, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, together with your wish has our priority during all our activities for you . Starting with your first phonecall and possible trip to Holland till the vetting and shipping arrangements. This way we have already made a lot of successful matches in Jumping, dressage and also Hunterprospects.





Darco is Sold and will be auctioned at the 'Sale of the Rising Stars'!


Darco is sold and will be prepared by his new owner for the auction at Januari 12th: 'Sale of the Rising Stars'. It's a great horse with all the potential, so we believe he will do great!! Also check:

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Zhang Zai and Sophie won the 1.20m class!!


After becoming 2nd in North Caroline out of a hugh amount of entrees Sophie and Zhang Zai won a 1.20m class. What a beautiful team, congrats Sophie!!

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Amigo first at the Santa Barbara Horse Show!


Just a few weeks after he arrived at his new home in Las Vegas, Amigo already won his first show at the Santa Barbara Horse Show!! So proud of him!

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